Paintings on Silk Print

With the aim to further develop the cultural and creative industry in Macao, Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, together with Macau Association of Chinese Culture and Art, invites renowned local artists Mr. Lai Ieng and Mr. Chan Kai Chon to contribute four of their masterpieces. They were to be further processed by four local fashion designers: Esther Leong, Maecenas Ng, Jane Chan and San Lee, who transformed the scenes of the Ruins of St. Paul’s, Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, Travessa da Paixão and Sai Van into fashionable designs on scarves. In addition to the skillful techniques and essential spirits of the masterpieces, the designers, with their sense of fashion and taste, have blended art into life.

The two local artists have different painting styles, each with its own merits; they depicted the characteristics and the sensations of Macao vividly with their brushes. With creativity and novelty, the four designers of the younger generation have utilized effects such as nostalgia, overlay, combination, symmetry and silhouette to transform the original into sixteen unique and beautiful scarves.

An introduction of Mr. Lai Ieng:

Lai Ieng, as a member of the Council of the China Artists Association and the President of the Macau Artist Society, has displayed in the exhibitions hosted by the Macau Artist Society and in the National Art Exhibitions (in Hong Kong, in Macao and in Taiwan for three times in total), and numerous exhibitions organized by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macao, by the Macao Foundation and even in San Francisco of the United States. Lai’s work “Festivity in Macao’ was invited to be displayed in the Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition in London in 2012.

An introduction of Mr. Chan Kai Chon:

Art historian Chan Kai Chon, born in Zhongshan, Guangdong in 1966, was graduated from Hou Kong Middle School. After obtaining a Bachelor’s  degree in Business Economics from Jinan University, he continued his education in the Faculty of Arts at University of Coimbra in Portugal. Chan finished his Master of Art in the School of Fine Arts at the Nanjing Normal University under the guidance of Professor Fan Yang, Professor Liu She and Professor Chen Chun Xi, as well as his PhD in Art History at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Professor Jin Wei Nuo. From early 1990’s, Chan has been practising outdoor sketches in a number of European, American and Asian countries and territories, alongside his research in the history of Chinese and Macanese paintings. Chan’s paintings and thesis have been published in Macau, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and his books and art books in Macau, Mainland China and Hong Kong.


Esther Leong

Graduated from National Taiwan Normal University, and working as visual art educational worker, Leong has made fashion design her career goal.

Leong finished CPTTM Fashion Design and Manufacturing Diploma Programme in 2012, and her graduation project ‘Chinese Painting’ won the best work and the best colour scheme award. She was then invited to join the CPTTM’s MaConsef, through which she started the plan to establish her own fashion brand and to pursue further education in art.

Esther Leong’s concept in creating

Sophisticated local artists Chan Kai Chon and Lai Ieng have instilled not only their personal characteristics but also local cultural sensations into their works. With Macanese nostalgic elements, such as the figured glass, Leong’s work is in line with those created by the other artists, in order to deliver a message to ask people to ‘savour Macao’, reflecting on the historical value of the local cultures in Macao.


Maecenas Ng

Ng is a freelance creator with a passion for handicrafts and a hobby to DIY in her leisure time.

As an old Chinese saying goes, ‘Everyone loves to be beautiful’. Like the others, Ng has been in an endless pursuit of perfection, or perfect objects in her perception which she shared publicly with the others. Besides this, Ng is also hoping to reconstruct the beauty perceived by other people, as a means to share beautifulness in various forms.

Maecenas Ng’s concept in creating

With bold colours, the effects of perspective, overlay, symmetry and silhouette are used for re-creation. This work in collage mainly utilizes repetitive patterns in different sizes.

  1. Multiple perspectives and repetitive patterns bring layers to the work. Combined with a bright yellow background, the pattern creates a stunning visual effect.
  2. The dragon head, constructed by repetitive patterns, is in red symbolizing passion and in yellow symbolizing danger in order to create a scene with tradition and modernity.
  3. To enhance the perspective effects, a bird silhouette is used to bring out a sense of tranquillity and casualness.
  4. 3D effect is used to add to the border texture to create spaciousness.

Jane Chan

Finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, and having worked as brand designer for Kappa, Jack & Jones, Peak, etc., Chan’s products have twice been listed on WGSN, the world's trend forecaster website.

In 2010, Chan designed the uniform for the torch team for the Chinese National City Games, as well as the uniforms for the Olympics representatives from several countries.

In 2013, Chan designed the line BOMDIA for men’s casual fashion which was selected to join the ‘subsidy programme for fashion design on sample making’ organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao SAR.

Jane Chan’s concept in creating

The inspiration comes from the paintings of Mr. Lai Ieng and Mr. Chan Kai Chon. Techniques in transformation, integration and photography-pattern combination have been used to highlight the skilfulness of traditional painting and to convey the concept of ‘Inheritance versus Innovation’. The final products are not only of aesthetical value, but also practical and portable.

San Lee

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design at the Macau Polytechnic Institute, and finishing CPTTM Fashion Design and Manufacturing Diploma Programme in 2007, Lee has actively involved himself in fashion events and exhibitions.

The brand ‘ZICS’ was established in 2009. The designer has explored and experimented with fashion themes in a black-and-white world in order to create unisex clothing collections which were exhibited in Fashion Festivals in Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland China. ‘ZICS’ also attempts to create in other fashion areas including theatrical costumes and accessories.

San Lee’s concept in creating

The theme of the works are of Macao scenery. With the repetitive styles and geometric and techniques that the designers are fond of, the light colors of the season have made each of the works an unique tableau.


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