CPTTM Fashion Incubation Program (Maconsef) Print


Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM) were founded in 1996.  It is a non-profit organization jointly formed by the Macao Government and private sector organizations. CPTTM’s mission is to help Macao enterprises to improve their productivity and competitiveness in the market, encourage and support the formation and development of new enterprises, and encourage youngsters and working people to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge. 

House of Apparel Technology (HAT), a department under CPTTM, aims to improve production techniques as well as fashion and image design, supervisory, procurement, and other skills of the Macao apparel industry.  HAT also offers various technical assistance and supporting services, including Fashion Information Gallery, to provide the latest fashion and fabric trends to garment manufacturers and fashion designers in Macao.  At the same time, HAT actively assists garment manufacturers to create their own fashion labels, enabling them to better compete in the international market.

CPTTM Fashion Incubation Program (Maconsef)

The “CPTTM Fashion Incubation Program (Maconsef)” focuses on fostering the “Design in Macao” concept.  The program is administered by Creative Fashion and Image Department (CFI) under CPTTM and the mission is to implement the Macau SAR Government’s policy plan to promote and support Macao’s cultural and creative industry.  Every year, CPTTM invites award winning graduates from the “Diploma Program for Fashion Design and Manufacture” to join the incubation program. Under CPTTM tutelage, students in the program work through a simulated business platform to design and produce fashion collections, manage their production process, attempt to sell their collection, and engage in visual merchandising activities.  The program allows student to get acquainted with the practical process of the fashion business, from design to production.  The program aims to bring more young people into the fashion design industry, allowing them to realize their creative potentials and working with them to promote and develop the fashion industry.  In order to broaden the vision of the students, CPTTM periodically arrange overseas trips to allow the students to explore and exchange ideas with the outside world.

Each of them will serve a two-year term. More students will be recruited into the team in the future, helping to continuously nurture more young design talents for Macao.