T-Shirt & Uniform Design Competition
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本次比賽共收到了77份來自本地設計師的作品,評判團在芸芸設計中選出11份優異設計,最終由中心時裝設計及製作文憑課程畢業學員梁穎嫻奪得比賽冠軍。勝出的設計作品已生產成實物T-SHIRT 於「影滙之星」禮品店內發售。




陳 強



蘇 麗




丁 莉










冠軍得獎者梁穎嫻作品現於「影滙之星 」禮品店內發售

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To promote Macao’s cultural and creative industries, as well as to create business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including “Micro Enterprise, “Made in Macao” and “Young Entrepreneur” of Macao, Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A. (SJM), Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM) and Macao Chamber of Commerce (ACM) jointly organise the “Grand Lisboa Palace” Dealer Uniform Design Contest. The Contest offers Macao people an opportunity to showcase their design talent, while supporting the government’s initiative to encourage procurement from local suppliers, as well as provide development opportunities for Macao’s SMEs.


Any Macao resident ID holder at least 21 years of age can participate  (those who work in fashion design, own a fashion brand, work in uniform wholesale/ retail/ manufacturing or garment factory are welcome). Submission of a copy of identification paper is required for application.

**Remark: Judges of the contest and their family members are not allowed to participate as contestant**

Style and Requirements of Design

1.  Style: one set each of male and female dealer uniform (suitable for all seasons). The design must be consistent with the theme and concept of “Grand Lisboa Palace” (Note 1) and suit the functional requirements of a dealer’s uniform (Note 2).

  • Note 1:The design theme and concept of “Grand Lisboa Palace”can be downloaded here.
  • Note 2: Functional details requirement of dealer uniform:

                      1) Real pockets are not allowed (can have imitation pockets)
                      2) Both the male and female uniforms must consist of a top and a pair of trousers
                      3) Each dealer must wear a name tag
                      4) No exposed buttons allowed on the uniform (imitation buttons must be of size no larger than 38mm)

2. Material: There is no restriction on the fabric and material being used.

3. The logo and usage guideline of “Grand Lisboa Palace” can be downloaded here.

4. One (1) copy of Design Effect Drawing (sketch showing the effect of the garment on a human form): each contestant must put the sketches of one male uniform and one female uniform on the same sheet of design effect drawing (dimension of drawing: A3) mounted on a black cardboard (dimension of cardboard: 38cm x 52cm). Details of submission must be put on the back of the black cardboard, including contestant’s name, gender, contact number, email address, name of the design and its description (approximately 100 words). If computer printout is used for the submission details, please use font style 新細明體 in font size 18 for Chinese text or font style Arial in font size 18 for English text. The corresponding submission form can be downloaded here.

5. One (1) copy of Design Style Drawing (fashion-flat sketch, clearly describing the characteristics of each part of the garment): each contestant must put the front and back style of the design (one male uniform and one female uniform) on the same side of an A3 sheet, together with the description and fabric sample (5cm x 5cm) on the same side. The drawing must be mounted on a black cardboard (dimension of cardboard: 38cm x 52cm), and a submission form must be put on the back of the cardboard.

6. Design drawings by hand or by computer are accepted, and each entry must be marked clearly “Grand Lisboa Palace” Dealer Uniform Design. If computer is used to do the drawings, please also submit the electronic files in optical disk format.

7. Contestants are not allowed to put any additional decorative items on their entry to increase the visual impact.

8. The entry should be smooth and flat. Any entry which does not comply with the dimension and mounting requirements will not be judged.

"Macau Landmark‧Homegrown Design" Studio City T-SHIRT Design Competition PDF Versão para impressão Enviar por E-mail



In order to promote the development of the Macau cultural industry and to offer young fashion designers and related people an opportunity to showcase their talent, Melco Crown Entertainment Limited (MCE), Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM), and Macao Chamber of Commerce jointly organize the “Macau Landmark‧Homegrown Design” Studio City T-Shirt Design Competition. This is a great opportunity to uncover new fashion designers with potential, helping to further develop the creative industry of Macao. It is also an opportunity to promote Studio City’s corporate slogan of “Asia’s Entertainment Capital has arrived in Macau”.

Participant Qualification

Anyone holding Macao ID and aged 14 or over will be eligible to enter.

Design Specification

1. Participants must incorporate the idea of the Studio City corporate slogan into the theme of the design. The T-Shirt itself can be of any style, round-neck, V-neck, long-sleeve, or short-sleeve tees. Style is unisexual. The Studio City corporate logo must be incorporated into the design (please note that the Studio City logo carries strict format specifications, please download the logo here).

2. Participants can hand-illustrate or use computer illustration to design the T-Shirt. Participants will need to submit both the front and back design drawings. Colors can be 4-color or single color. If computer illustration is used, please submit the electronic file together with the design drawings.

3. Please put both the front and back design of the T-shirt onto the same side of an A3 paper and mount it onto a black cardboard (dimension: 380mm x 520mm). All submissions must in landscape mode layout. Mounting and layout are as illustrated like pic 1:

4. Participants can download the design specification form here and fill in your design theme and description (100 words). If filling in with computer, please use 18pt “新細明體” font for Chinese and 18pt “Arial” font for English.  The design theme is also to be mounted onto a black cardboard (dimension: 337mm x 250mm) as illustrated like pic 2:

5. Participants cannot add any additional accessory on the T-Shirt to improve its visual effect.

6. The submitted entry must laid flat and neat.  Any submission which does not conform to dimension and mounting standard will be disqualified.

Competition Timetable and Activities




23rd May to 10th July

Accept enrolment, participants to submit their enrolment form


16th or 17th July (11:00 am to 1:00 pm, exact date to be determined)

Studio City Tour

Studio City

8:00 pm, 19th August (Friday)

Submission deadline


Last 10 days of August

(Date to be determined)



First 10 days of September

Winner notification


During September

(Date to be determined)

Award ceremony

Studio City

(Location to be determined)

Notes to Participants

1. Each entry can only be registered to one participant. Deadline to submit the enrollment form is 10th July 2016. People interested in participating can browse here for registering or go to House of Apparel Technology (HAT), CPTTM to obtain an enrolment form.  (Address: Rua dos pescadores, Ed. Industrial Ocean, II Fase, 10-Andar, Macau).

2. Each participant can submit multiple entries. However, the first, second, and third place winner cannot be the same person. Each participant can receive a maximum of two awards.

3. Each entry must be an original design and cannot be a copy of another person’s creation. Moreover, the entry cannot be a creation that has already entered into another open competition or has been published in the media.

4. The organizers will arrange a “Studio City Tour” from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on 16th or 17th July 2016. Representatives from MCE will introduce the various world class tourism facilities within Studio City to offer some creative inspirations to the participants. Participants can choose to attend the tour by checking the appropriate box on the enrollment form.

5. Deadline to receive submission of entries is 8:00 pm on 19th August 2016. Participants have to submit their entries to HAT of CPTTM before the specified deadline.

6. MCE will have ownership of the right to use the award winning pieces or made appropriate revision on the winning pieces in accordance to actual promotional requirements.

7. The organizers reserve the right to publish and exhibit award winning pieces as well as the right to copy and use the related photographs and video in any way or form without having to pay any copyright fee to the participants.

8. Any participant who fails to comply with competition rules might be disqualified or be held liable for related legal obligations.

9. Should there be any omissions or questions, the organizers have the right to make any amendments or explanation on the contents of this event at any time.  The organizers also have the right to make the final decision for the results of this competition.

Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria


Conformance to Theme


Design Concept




Technique of using  of Colors


Overall Appearance

Prizes and Awards

One First Place Winner: MOP5,000 and Award Certificate

Two Second Place Winners: MOP3,000 and Award Certificate

Three Third Place Winners: MOP2,000 and Award Certificate

Five (5) Excellence Awards: MOP1,000 and Award Certificate


  1. If the participant is under 18 years old, the prize money must be received by the guardian of the participant.
  2. The winning entries will have an opportunity to be made into production items by MCE and go on sale at Studio City.
  3. Award winners have the opportunity to work as an intern for a six (6) months period at the MCE Marketing Department.  All subsidy will be paid for by MCE.
  4. MCE has the final decision right on Item 2 & 3 above.

Announcement of Results

The competition results will be announced within the first ten days of September 2016 via the websites of the organizers. Award winners will receive notification from the organizers.

Retrieval of Entries

Besides winning entries, participants can go to HAT to retrieve all other submitted entries on 30th October 2016. All uncollected entries shall be disposed by the organizers after the collection deadline.


Location: Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer enter - The House of Apparel Technology

Tel: 8898 0701

Contact Person: Ms. Ian Mak/ Ms. Joyce Wong

E-mail: Este endereço de e-mail está protegido de spam bots, pelo que necessita do Javascript activado para o visualizar

Website: www.cpttm.org.mo

Download Information

Enrollment Form
Specification formStudio City BRAND BOOK
Studio City Logos
Online Enrollment
Introducing Studio City

    “金沙中國員工運動服設計比賽”冠軍揭曉 PDF Versão para impressão Enviar por E-mail


    是次比賽參加者為澳門本地服裝設計師及曾修讀澳門生產力暨科技轉移中心時裝設計學員,最終由本地服裝設計師黃智亮脫穎而出奪得冠軍。作品的評選依據創意性及原創性、實用性及可穿性、符合公司形象及整體美感等四大標準。 冠軍黃智亮獲得現金澳門幣10,000元及證書,而五位優異獎得主則各獲頒澳門幣2,000元及證書一份。


    『金沙中國員工運動服設計比賽』 截稿日期延期通知 PDF Versão para impressão Enviar por E-mail

    『金沙中國員工運動設計比賽』原訂於1月23日 (星期五)截止遞交稿件,現延長截止日期為2月27日(星期五)下午6時,交件地點為澳門生產力暨科技轉移中心成衣技術匯點 (地址:漁翁街海洋工業中心第二期十樓)。特此通知﹗




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