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Fashion Information Gallery

Fashion books from China and abroad, magazines, video-tapes, swatches, color samples, CD-ROMs and over one thousand fashion magazines are available at this Fashion Information Gallery. It serves to provide individuals from the garment and fashion industry with the latest information on development and trends around the examples of fashion magazines include “Here & There,” “Collezioni” and “Vogue.”

Image Lab

To support the economic strategy of diversified development, HAT has set up an "Image Lab" for training purpose. This Lab is modeled after a real hair design and beauty salon, equipped with a reception area, over 10 make-up/ hairstyling station, benches for hair-washing and facials, as well  steam machines.

Creative Design Studio

This Studio provides various advanced facilities, including Digital Fabric Printer,Computerized Embroidery Sample Making Machine, CAD/CAM and computerized pattern-making system, etc. Apart from instructional purposes, these facilities are also available for use by the manufacturers. This service also aims to assist interested parties to pursue research and development in apparel production and design.

Fashion workshop I

To provides training facilities for sewing, pattern-making and maintenance for sewing machines.

Fashion workshop II

This workshop is also equipped with tables for pattern-making and different types of sewing machines to support training on apparel production.

Knit Workshop

To provides facilities for knitting-related training, including operation of knitting machine, drafting of knitting paper patterns and knitwear design, etc.

 Design Computer Lab

To provide facilities for different types of computer applications, such as CAD (computer-aided design), web design, as well as computer graphics software.