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IT Week is the largest annual event of Macau's information technology sector. IT Week 2011, a 3 days' event, was held from 25th November to 27th November at Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion. Relevant Government departments, educational institutions, academic organizations and IT industry of the Macau SAR join hands to organize this event. Macau IT Week 2011 is a platform to help Macau residents learn more about information technology through a series of activities in this event, such as exhibitions, demonstrations and seminars, as well as the promotion of IT applications.

One of the most popular and inspiring booth in this event was a showcase held by InteraXon, an invited IT company from Canada. Her booth presents a brain control technology by demonstrating how to use one's brainwave to remote control some illumination effects. Participants can easily control these lighting effects through concentrating or relaxing themselves.

CPTTM as one of the organizations, emphasizes in helping to promote IT to Macau residents through various demonstrations and games in this event, such as exhibiting the work of past students who took courses like "Game Making”, “3D Animation”, and “Video Making”, as well as demonstrating open source softwares such as “SQL Ledger” and “EIMS”, etc.

Demonstration includes:

  1. CPTTM's past events, students' work and past lectures
  2. "SQL ledger" and "EIMS software"
  3. students' work from our Summer Activity Program

Games and quizzes includes:

  1. “learn more about CPTTM” game
  2. "15/16 IT quiz"
  3. "5 mins Workshop"

demonstration of “SQL ledger” and “EIMS” system

exhibition of the work of past students

explaining “15/16 IT quiz” instructions

visitors participating “learn more about CPTTM” game

"15/16 IT quiz" enthusiastic participants
visitors paying attention to the lecturer at our “5 mins Workshop”


visitors participating “learn more about CPTTM” game