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Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute   
Macao Productivity and Technology Transfer Center
Date : 2011 /10 /20-23
Location :The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel
The event will be held at the 16th Macao International Trade & Investment Fair


Advisory Units:                                                         Supporting Organizations:

International Apparel Federation                                 Guangdong Association of Garment And Garment Article Industry

Asia Apparel Federation                                             Taiwan Textile Federation                                            

China National Garment Association                              Dalian Association of Clothing Industry

Chian Fashion Association                                           Hong kong Fashion Designers Association

1)Through the “16th Macao International Trade & Investment Fair (MIF)”, CPTTM wishes to promote the
development of fashion design and garment industry of Macao. By participating in MIF, fashion design and
garment industry practitioners can strengthen their liaison with industry people from other countries or areas,
especially to learn and share experience with those from Asia. This is also an opportunity for locals to gain a
better understanding on recent garment industry technologies and development directions as well as learn about
the latest trends in fashion design. These exchanges help to enhance their professional knowledge and creativity.
At the same time, attending a professionally organized trade fair helps to promote bilateral trade and investment as
well as collaborative service projects between Macao garment industry and those from mainland or overseas.
Being part of MIF can help to take Macao fashion designs to enter the Asian market and eventually the world.

2) Besides exhibiting products, MIF organizer also arranges business matching meetings for exhibitors who wish to
do business with potential overseas customers. During these meetings, Macao garment industry people meet and
discuss with overseas fashion labels or franchises, working together to create business opportunities for each
other. MIF is an ideal venue to promote business collaboration between Macao and overseas garment industry

3) Through a series of activities, besides allowing Macao fashion designers to gain better understanding of garment
industry trends and technologies, it also aims to entice young people to join Macao’s fashion design industry,
helping to develop a new generation of talents for the creative cultural industry of Macao.

一 ) Fashion Show
 Catwalk show of Macao designer labels, demonstrating the prowess and talent of Macao fashion designers
 Fashion shows of well known international and mainland designer labels, showcasing their latest collections
 CPTTM Diploma in Fashion Design and Manufacturing Program Graduation Show, exhibiting the brilliant
    designs of a new generation of graduates trained under the CPTTM fashion design program

二 )Fashion Area
A number of trendy and stylish Fashion Areas is created to publicize the most recent works of Macao fashion
design labels and the latest fashion trends
Showcase the outstanding designs of CPTTM Diploma in Fashion Design and Manufacturing Program graduates

三 ) Garment Industry Business Matching
Business matching meetings will be arranged for people who are interested in meeting new overseas business
partners, helping to create more collaboration and business opportunities for people attending MIF.

Macao Fashion Festival 2011
Tentative Programme



16:30-17:30 Opening Ceremony / Macao Designers' Fashion Parade
14:00-14:30 Gala Fashion
14:00-14:30 Junior Wear Fashion Show
16:30-17:30 Gala Chic
11:00-11:30 Macao Brand Show
14:30-15:30 CPTTM Diploma in Fashion Design & Manufacture Graduation Show 2011
10:00-17:00 Garment Trade Business Matching (By Arrangement)

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