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2020 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion Exhibition I


In 2020, the Year of the Rat, everything begins anew and the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac repeats itself endlessly like the fashion industry. Brimming with inspirations and with unique taste and creativity, trend-setting fashion designers constantly cultivate appreciation and new ideas about fashion to the public.


While people pursue exquisite works, how much do they know about the story behind? Stories are yet to be explored behind the fashion pieces. How do designers illustrate the story with their work? With the cloth as the story’s outline and ornaments as the context, they connect all the specifics with needles and threads.


The Macao SAR government is committed to advancing the development of cultural and creative industries with many local original fashion brands fully prepared. Therefore, Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) continues its fashion event this year, 2020 Brand Story - Macao Original Fashion Exhibition. MFG provides an exhibition venue for local original brands to showcase local designers’ talent to visitors through open call for brands, followed by objective evaluation and selection.


The exhibition will be divided into five phases, with one brand being displayed at each phase. Five selected brands, including Lexx Moda, Nega C., ZICS, FAITH & FEARLESS and NO.42, will be exhibited one after another. The first is Lexx Moda, a women’s shoe brand combining comfort and fashion, and it will be followed by the youthful and sweet Nega C., ZICS with black-white-gray architectural aesthetics, and the brand FAITH & FEARLESS which represents the street style. This event will be concluded by the mixed-style brand NO.42. The public can feel the unlimited possibilities of fashion after seeing five completely different brands. What’s more, all collections will be available for purchase. You will not go home empty-handed.

Brand introduction

Lexx Moda

Lexx Moda is a female brand that excels in concepts and design which highlight women’s personality and styles. Each season, it launches a product line with a unique theme and debuts it to the market through major shoe exhibitions. Lexx Moda has been recognized by large well-known companies and cooperated with them. Showcasing its best-selling brand series has added charming vitality to the brand.


The brand insists on its own designs, which incorporate elements inspired by such local culture as handicrafts and designs from various countries and regions that its designers encounter during their trips. In order to maintain distinguished personal style, the designers boldly incorporate other design elements into the work so that the shoes not only display a beautiful look but also have a practical function. Each product maintains a high level of quality, style and comfort.

Brand Designer


SANJO IONG, an independent women’s shoe designer, founded the brand Lexx Moda in the small town of Northampton, Britain in 2002.


Initially, SANJO IONG participated in exhibitions all over Europe through which she accumulated experience and expanded sales outside Britain. In 2003, she established a company in Macau and concentrated her focus on women’s shoes. Casual and personalized slippers or flats are products that highlight SANJO IONG's style. She incorporates new colors and materials to keep integrating elements inspired from all over the world. She strives to show her passion for shoes and insure the best experience.

Exhibition theme ─ Monochrome

In this colorful and infinite universe, imagine yourself at a place where the design space is monochrome. What kind of thinking could it arouse? Could one get inner peace beyond the outside disturbance?


In this exhibition, the designer adopts the monochrome concept "black" as the theme, hoping to express her views on life from a perspective that is different from multi-colors: purity and static thinking. She also hopes to return to the essence of the universe and develop an attitude of inclusiveness. While putting aside diverse colors, the designer strives to bring the work closer to the essence of design to let people contemplate life and the world.


Black is the color of the vast and empty universe. From the perspective of the cosmos, black is the essence of the universe, that is, the true color of the universe. "Black" is accompanied by the "emptiness" that contains no media but is capable of encompassing everything. Carrying no negative connotations, it represents static thinking. Therefore, to those appreciating the works on display, the designer hopes to present her design concept from the best angle and express her cognition and perception of the world. As black makes other colors more vivid and gifts them the power of meditation, it may not even be considered a color. However, it is the original color of the universe. Hence when such a magical color is presented in front of us, is it possible that we come close to the realm of "being void of vanities" and become a person who can trace the essence of the world?


The designer fuses the monochrome "black" and the concept of "emptiness" in philosophy and isolates colors in a specific conceptual space to give each follower the sincerest interpretation, through which the designer can establish intimate contact with the audience and even future consumers from the inner heart.


In addition, the monochrome black stands for rigorousness, friendliness, profoundness, and substantiality. Having experienced the colors in the world, we return to the essence of the universe and obtain deep thinking as well as the uttermost peace of mind.


This is monochrome, another way to look at the world and express oneself.