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“2019 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion Exhibition”


In the wonderful, splendid and fantastic fashion world, new styles are born every season, every month and every day. While earnestly following the pace of fashion, how many people care about the stories behind fashion creation and try to understand designers’ ideas and messages? The fact is that intriguing stories are to be explored behind all types of superb and brilliant fashion pieces. Fashion designers create fashion with wisdom, display unique styles on works with exquisite craftsmanship and narrate brand stories through the works, allowing audiences to feel their passion and thoughts.


The SAR government vigorously promotes the local cultural and creative industries and lots of local original fashion brands are gearing themselves up. With promoting the development of Macao’s fashion art and related cultural and creative industry as its mission, the Macao Fashion Gallery will continue to organize the “2019 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion Exhibition”, providing a platform for local fashion brands to launch and sell their own works to the public, through open call for brands, followed by evaluation and selection.


Six fashion labels including ella épeler, MACON, Lexx Moda, ZICS, GODDESS ARMOUR and SANCHIALAU will be featuring at the exhibition. The exhibition is divided into three phases, with two brands to be shown in each phase. The event will start with the show of ella épeler, a brand that encompasses illustration and totem art, and MACON that represents metropolitan retro and modern leisure style. They are followed by Lexx Moda, the women’s shoe brand combining both style and comfort, and ZICS with black-white-gray architectural aesthetics. The exhibition will be concluded by GODDESS ARMOUR, which integrates geometry and court style design and SANCHIALAU, which demonstrates the fashion art of contemporary women. The audience will have the chance to experience completely different brand stories. At the same time, the venue provides space for participating brands to sell their fashion collections.

Brand introduction

ella épeler

“épeler” is a verb in the French phrase “ella épeler”, which is used when referring to an act of linking or joining things together. Adhering to the concept “Bring Your Attitude to Life”, ella épeler combines various elements in unconventional tailoring and integrates original illustrations and artistic ideas into its designs. By doing so, the brand produces fascinating clothing embodying the diversity and uniqueness of fashion, with an aspiration to turn them into treasures in the closet. ella épeler rolls out fashion items by series rather than seasons and makes innovative attempts through the inspiration of different dressing styles.

Brand Designer

Ella Lei, a post-80s born in Macao, is a graduate from the Design Department, School of Arts, Macao Polytechnic Institute, majoring in multimedia design. She has worked as art and animation designer for four years, while taking a fashion design diploma program. She is currently a freelance designer passionate about illustration and fashion design, hoping to progress by combing these two art form. She is actively participating in exhibitions and fashion events, working on her own fashion label “ella épeler”.

Exhibition theme —Transformation

The whole collection tells a love story about transformation, with three color schemes and three illustrations that depict the three stages of girls.

The pink series integrates pastel green, pink and pastel yellow, symbolizing the innocence and confusion of a shy teenage girl. The childish illustrations on the fabric stand for the girl’s dream for love, which is full of purity with a bit of fancy.

The blue series uses different shades of blue to depict bundles of hair, which is like all the interlacing hairs on head. It means that the girl is now wandering around the realistic side of love in society. She has moved from her fancy world to the reality. She has understood the moment, annoyed and unable to sort out.

The red series stands for her struggle from the constraint of love through a prolonged period. The bright red colors create a kind of spontaneous confidence, and coupled with blooming flowers, displays the beauty of epiphany.

Brand introduction


Established in 2013, MACON is a fashion brand integrating R&D and sale under Macao Fushun Group.

Originating from Macao, MACON means “MACAU+FASHION” and “MACAU+COTTON”.

Since establishment, it has been the synonym of excellent quality and leisure fashion. As a Macao brand, it integrates leisure tourism features and advocates the notion of “unhurried life and light tourism” to convey the life attitude and friendly culture of Macao.

The brand targets young women aged between 25 and 35 and with comfort and minimalism as its main tone, creates a neutral, artistic and youthful style.

MACON was engaged in business through e-commerce platforms at its early stage. So far it has opened up stores in Macao and Zhongshan, which have attracted a large number of customers from different places.

Jane Chan

Jane Chan, with a bachelor’s degree in clothing design from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), worked for Kappa, Jack & Jones, Peak and other brands as designer. Her designs were showcased twice on the fashion trend website, WGSN (Worth Global Style Network). In 2010, she designed torch bearer uniforms for National Intercity Games of the People's Republic of China, as well as uniforms for numerous national Olympic delegations. She returned to Macao in 2013 and designed her casual wear collection for men, “BOMDIA”, which was selected to the “2013 Subsidy Programme for Fashion Design on Sample Making” by Cultural Affairs Bureau. Now the designer is the director for local brand “MACON”.

Exhibition theme —Unhurried Time and Space

Themed with “Upon Past and Into Future”, the items adopt asymmetric techniques of special cutting and splicing with natural and artificial fabrics of different thickness, reflecting the derivation of interesting new rules different from the past due to the urbanization in village areas. The whole concept is expressed through the space design of harmonious colors and retro-style modernity.