Consumer Council and DSE met with wholesalers and retailers to ensure prices of daily commodities remain stable PDF Print E-mail

Source: Consumer Council

As Macao is facing two typhoons this week, the Consumer Council and Economic Bureau (DSE) met with local wholesalers and retailers of groceries and bottled water this morning (12 Sept) to understand the current stock and supply. The SAR Government reaffirms that there is ample supply of all local daily necessities and supply is in smooth operation, the Consumer Council and DSE have requested the industry to ensure continuous supply of all types of products.

Industry requested to forbid price gouging, consumers encouraged to report unscrupulous acts

The Council and DSE strictly request all members of the industry to avoid price gouging in all sales segments, meanwhile, the relevant departments will pay attention to the market for any situation that infringes consumer rights, and follow-up will be made when necessary. The Council’s “Whatsapp Hotline” 62980886 is now available to consumers for reporting any price gouging or stock up of products.

The Council and DSE also found out about the local supply of rice, canned food, milk powder, bottled water, etc. from wholesalers and supermarket owners, wholesalers attending the meeting remarked that they would increase import of goods according to actual situation and consumers’ needs.

Aside from groceries and bottled water, the departments are also concerned about products that may be needed during typhoon, such as the supply and prices of adhesive tapes. To safeguard consumer rights, the Consumer Council has also sent out messages to “Certified Shops”, requesting them to maintain honest and good quality service when typhoon arrives.

Consumer Council hotline: 89889315

DSE hotline: 85972208