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Surpass Ourselves

“Upward roads are

Always rugged and bumpy;

When we’ve climbed over a mountain,

That means we’ve surpassed ourselves”

In this fast developing age, both white swans and black swans are the unique and beautiful scenery of the city. Get up the nerve to surpass yourself and be a better you. Design and paint today and the future with passion and creativity and let your hope and dream fly high in the sky. You can be the one leading the fashion trend.

In the stage of the 18th “Humen Cup” International Youth Design Contest (Women’s Wear), we share the worldwide fashion gene and witness your excellent performance.

The Organizing Committee of "Humen Cup" International Youth Design Contest


Anyone engaged in fashion design and under 45 is qualified to participate.

Deadline for enrollment

30-06-2017 (Friday)

(Online Enrollment)

Deadline for Submission

24-07-2017 (Monday)


1.  The competition will carry through preliminary and final.

2.  The judges will evaluate the works based on the rules after the deadline; 30 works will be selected for the final. The organizing committee will publish the

     name  list of finalists on, or after September 1st and notify them with written form to make  

     preparation for the final.

1.  Subject: Subject: Surpass Ourselves
2.  Range: Women’s wear (all fabric & material available).

3.  Participants’ design is based on different series. Each series includes 5 suits drawn on one drawing (27cmx40cm). On the  

    opposite side:

     (3.1) subject, design thought (less than 50 words) written on the left top;

     (3.2) front and back pattern drawing on the left bottom;

     (3.3) name, sex, date of birth, nationality, school of graduation, education, working company, address of working company, post

             code, E-mail, telephone number and fax on the right top (all must be filled in your native language and English); one copy of

             ID card and color photo (as used for passport) should be attached (packed with an envelope and well sealed);

     (3.4)   sample of the fabric & material (8cm x 8cm) on the right bottom. The drawings are not returnable.

4.  The contribution must be the works never published. Such works contributed more than once are regarded as invalid manuscript.


1.  Final is settled in Mid-November, during the 21st China (Humen) International Fashion Fair. (The specific time is subject to the


2.  Place: Fashion Show Hall, Humen Convention & Exhibiton Center Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China (The

     specific place is subject to the notification)

3.  Finalists should arrive at the final place 3 days ahead of the final night (Peking Time).

     (The specific time is subject to the notification)

4.   The costume works awarded the gold ,silver and bronze prize have to be kept by the organizing committee.

1.  The winners will be awarded bonus, cup and certificate.

     One gold prize: 150,000RMB, cup and certificate

     Two silver prizes: 80,000 RMB, cup and certificate

     Three bronze prizes: 50,000 RMB, cup and certificate

     Ten excellence prizes: 20,000 RMB, certificate﹔Finalist prizes: certificate

2.  The prized works will be published in the professional journals. The final will be broadcasted on relevant television stations.

3.   (a) Finalists’ traveling expenses are covered by the organizing committee with standards as below: 10,000RMB for European and

           American finalists;5,000RMB for Asian finalists;3,000RMB for Chinese finalists.

      (b) The organizing committee offers free accommodation during the final for the finalists.

4.   The gold、silver and bronze winners from China have the chance to study at Manchester Metropolitan University in England for 1

      year with scholarship of around 120,000RMB. There is only one quota and the final decision would be made by the organizing

      committee according to the requests of the selected university and the foreign language level of the candidates. Anyone who is

      not qualified or not willing to study abroad would be replaced, and the quota would be given to the Chinese finalists according to

      their grade in the final. The organizing committee reserves all rights.

5.   qualified in participation.


Tel:8898 0701

Liaison officers:Ms. Connie/ Ms. Ian

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Submission address:Rua dos Pescadores, Edf. Industrial Ocean, Fase II,100 Andar, Macau



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China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Textile Industry Branch

China National Garment Association

China Fashion Association

Guangdong Association of Garment & Garment Article Industry

Guangdong Fashion Designers Association

People’s Government of Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.

Undertakers: Guangdong Fashion Research & Design Center Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Humen Clothing & Accessories Industry Association

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