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The “6th Guangzhou/ Hong Kong/ Macao/ Chengdu Youth Skills Competition 2010” is co-organized by Guangzhou Municipal Labour & Social Security Bureau, Vocational Training Council (VTC), and Direcção dos Serviços para os Assuntos Laborais every two years. Its aim is to provide young people from different areas a professional testing platform, a chance to promote exchanges of technical skills, and also a chance to deepen the understanding of the vocational institutes involved and improve the technical skills of these young people. In addition, this year representatives from Chengdu, Sichuan, newly joined this challenging competition.

The “6th Guangzhou/ Hong Kong/ Macao/ Chengdu Youth Skills Competition 2010” was held at Macao Pavilhão Polidesportivo Tap Seac on 30th ~31st October, 2010. This year 5 different scopes of competitions are held – they are “3D Animation Design and Production”, “Window Display and Presentation”, “Floriculture Design”, “Air-Conditioning Installation” and “Cocktail Making”. Furthermore, CPTTM - CyberLab is the delegated department for the “3D Animation Design and Production” scope.

3D Animation Design and Production:
This scope is held for the second time in this competition. Competition is open for contestants born on/after 1st January, 1989, and the competition is to be completed by contestant individually. During the 2 days' competition (total 12 hours), contestants are to use cartoon figure designs(incl. front and side) provided by the Professionals to build model, and make animation movie by Maya 2009 software.

Regarding animation making, this year is totally different from previous competitions. In previous competition, contestants only need to imitate the clip Professionals provide. But this year, in order to encourage young people to use their creativity, questions and themes are all in text description form. Evaluations are based on how contestants create and express their ideas and design through the “3D actor” provided. As the “actor” originally has no facial expression, how the contestant want the “actor” to “express” will be the key point to winning this contest.

Result of The Competition:

In the “3D Animation Design and Production” scope, CPTTM's students - Cheong Chi Pan, Wang Sai Kin, and Cheong Tai Leong, represented Macau in this competition. And Cheong Chi Pan got the 4th awarding by grades 1.81. One of the Macau's Professional Judge, Antonio Chie, says that Macau contestants lack proficiency and experiences compared to others because they are mainly chosen from students in Secondary levels, while other contestants from Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Chengdu are from colleges or vocational institutes. On the other hand, Chie also mentioned that compared to 2 years ago, this year's contestants did improve a lot. Although this time they are not able to enter Top 3, they did gain a very valuable experience and knowledge.

Contestant's work:

Competition Photos

Macau Conference Selection - Introduction of "3D Animation Design and Production" History Representatives of Macau going on stage Photo-taking of guests and all representative(contestants)

Photo-taking of :3D Animation Design and Production" Selection Awards and CPTTM Deputy Director General, Teresa Mok Photo-taking of Macau winners DSAL Deputy Director, Noemia M.F.Lameiras Photo-taking of contestants and instructor of "3D Modeling and Animation"
Contestant Cheong Tai Leong during the contest Contestant Wang Sin Kin during the contest Contestant Cheong Chi Pan during the contest