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Co-Organizers :

 Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute

 Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center


1.Assist Local Designers to enter into Asian and International Markets

By running together with MIF, it exposes MFF to a much wider audience, thereby helping to better promote the development of the fashion design and industry of Macao. The event aims to strengthen communication between Macao fashion industry people with those from other nations or areas, especially aims to promote closer liaison amongst fashion industry practitioners of Asia. Local fashion designers will have the opportunity to gain better understanding on the most up-to-date technology development and latest fashion trends, helping them to strengthen their professional knowledge and give inspiration to their future designs. At the same time, this specialized event helps to promote bi-lateral trade, investment, or service projects collaboration between Macao and the rest of the world, taking Macao fashion design industry to move into Asian, and ultimately, the international market.


2.Creating Business Opportunities

MFF aims to promote and support development of the Macao creative cultural industry by fully capitalize the opportunity coming from its fashion shows and exhibitions. It builds a platform to allow event participants to exchange ideas and discuss business opportunities with visitors from all over the world, creating opportunities for future business development.


3.Encouraging Young People to join the Creative Design Industry

Besides giving the opportunities for Macao fashion designers to gain better understanding on most up-to-date technology development and latest fashion trends, the series of event activities also aim to attract young people to join the fashion design industry, helping to nurture a new generation of talents to advance the creative cultural industry of Macao.


4.Promote the Macao Identity

The MFF event aims to manifest Macao’s steady progression towards becoming a world leading leisure and tourism destination, demonstrating to the world some of the original designs created in Macao. This helps to further enhance the reputation of Macao’s fashion design industry in mainland and overseas areas.



1.Fashion Show

a. Catwalk show of local fashion designs to demonstrate the prowess and talent of local fashion labels and individual designers

b. Fashion shows to showcase the latest collection of well-known fashion labels

c.CPTTM Fashion Design and Manufacturing 2013/2014 Diploma Program Graduation Show to exhibit the brilliant designs of a new generation of designers trained by the CPTTM fashion design program.

2.Fashion Area

A trendy and stylish Fashion Area is created to publicize the most recent words of Macao fashion design labels and the latest fashion trends

3.Fashion Designers Showcase

Provide a venue for Macao fashion labels or fashion designers to showcase their creative works, a place to promote their designs and marketing philosophy to their audience and potential buyers.

4.Fashion Seminars

Invite industry experts from Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao to speak at seminar to explore development and future trends of fashion industry in each of the region.

Enrollment :

Registration Period: Now until Wednesday, 30th July 2014

Location: House of Apparel Technology, Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, 10th Floor, Phase II, Ocean Industrial Center, Rua dos Pescadores, Macao

Contact Person: Laney Ng / Ian Mak

Telephone: (853) 8898 0701

Fax: (853) 2831 2079

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